IT Job without a degree?!?


As in this forum have some IT professionals, i would like to know if for this type of position in Switzerland “1st Level IT Support”, do i need, imperatively, a IT CFC or a degree (Bachelor,Master) ?

With good language skills (English, French,Spanish,Portuguese), a “Google IT Support Certificate” and/or “CompTIA A+” and 5 years of experience in customer service (Front and back office in a Hotel and Hospital), can i have the chance to have a job in the IT area?

With your experience do you recommend some online certification ?

Thank you for your help

I know a few people who moved in such roles coming from other professions. One, for example, used to work as a baker. You certainly don’t need a Bachelor, let alone a Master.

The “problem” might rather be that, from what I see, these roles are under a huge cost and offshoring pressure. Again from what I see, on-site IT support in Switzerland is focussed more on hardware issues, while all the rest is offshored.


I think it is totally possible, but you need kind of meaningful experience… After 3-5 years of experience a degree becomes less important. Before that you will get very junior job… If you are lucky.

Some companies will simply not hire you without a degree though… Or only if they are desperate to find somebody.

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