Is there a good calculator for indirect vs direct amortisation?

I am looking to finance an apartment.

We are at the crossroads of selecting direct vs. indirect amortisation.

If we go for indirect amortisation, the problem that the third pillar will be gone for our old age. Also, the bank only offers overpriced funds with a TER of >1.5 %. I am currently at VIAC and would like to continue paying into a low cost solution.

We can currently easily afford direct amortisation. But paying back money that costs >1 % is kind of useless.

Does anyone know of a good calculator for direct vs indirect amortisation that also includes opportunity cost of lower returns on a third pillar?

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In my view the problem with direct amortization is mainly in the opportunity cost.
Migrosbank asked me for indirect amortisation with an insurance for loss of income.
I found Generali to be the cheapest, and it allows 100% stocks

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