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Hi everyone, first time poster here so first and foremost I wanted to say thanks for the fantastic resource. It has been a great help in allowing me to gather information to start investing.
I am resident in Switzerland and have decided to open an IB account and start investing in ETFs. However, I am still a little confused about taxation. I have read the relevant tax threads on here, but a lot of information seems relevant for people doing their own tax return.
I am taxed at source rather than filing a tax return. Does anyone have further information on how investment taxation works when one pays quellensteuer?

I was in the same situation. What I did in the “neuveranlagung” (you have time until end of March to do it…) is to list the dividend income as other incomes, and mention in the comment the amount of source tax you already paid on it. If you are lucky, they reflect it. Of course, provide the according dividend & WhTax Report (IB is fantastic here)

if your dividends are >2500CHF, you have to do the standard tax filing as with C permit

…probably differing from canton to canton?

You used to be able to fill out a short form for 3rd pillar contributions, educational expenses, child care expenses and a couple other things to get tax back. You essentially didn’t need to do anything regarding dividend income or wealth tax unless it was significant (never looked into the details). This has ended as of the 2021 tax year (I.e. Your return next year) and you now need to do a full tax return to calculate the difference between what was paid and what you should pay… But doing this is at your discretion in many cases.

ah, that is possible. i didnt check it.

Yes, a lot of things are changing in the 2021 tax year and some of our knowledge up to 2020 does not apply any more for taxation at source (3a pillar, taxation beyond threshold, etc).

The best would be to look at the website of the tax office. It is important to understand what is mandatory, optional or not possible. And also to understand what is irreversible.

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