Investing into physical metals on blockchain

I will continue, moving cash into VT and some stocks. And I started to invest in physical rare earth elements in autumn which I will increase in 2024. Maybe a bit more in Splint Invest in 2024, too.

which rare earth elements?

Indium, Gallium, Rhenium, Germanium, Hafnium, Neodymoxid, Dysprosiumoxid, Gadoliniumoxid, Scandiumoxid, Terbiumoxid.

The first 5 are actually rare Technology metals.

how are you investing in those?

A friend of mine is a professionell investment guy, I’m buying it through him from a company. The costs are pretty high (7,5%) when you buy it + storage/wallet fees. So it takes a while until you have back the buying fees. I would say it is a mid/long term investment like the VT ETF. I own 25k of this stuff and now I wait and observe the sell and buy prices. When I see a positive trend, I will invest more.

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Do you stuff such metals in a leather wallet for protection?

It‘s the wallet of his friend :smiley:

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What you physically own is storen in a blockchain wallet.

Be careful, sounds like a total rip-off to me


Yup. Has scam vibes written all over it!

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So you do not physically own it.

I mean… isn‘t that exactly one of the key points of blockchains? Proving your ownership of something you do not physically own?


I’m not a blockchain pro but have done some research. It is for example for things you physically own but don’t hold in your hands, basically a digital proof of ownership for assigned items. It is often done with gold for example.
For gold it makes less sense to me, maybe if you have a lot but don’t want to have it at home or rent a safe.
For those metals it makes sense to me. Having it at home would be stupid, you can’t anyway sell it by your own. These are uses by industry companies and they wouldn’t buy it from a human beeing.

I mean, I get that and why you would not store these metals in a locker or fridge in your own home. They better be stored at a depository. But if I break into their warehouse and steal it, they’re gone - and it’s not as if you could trace them, can you? And that’s assuming that your share exists and was delivered in the first place.


I don’t know if it is allowed to post the website/company. I did a lot of research and before I sent money, it is no scam in my opinion.

Maybe it is not, but it sounds very scammy to me. Try taking all your money out and see if you can.

Why not? All kinds of offers and companies get posted here - and it’s not as if you’re advertising them.
Also, we haven‘t accused them of doing something illegal…


It is stored in a high security freeport (no tax on those items) in Berlin. You can actually go there. Last year they company had 2 or 3 days where clients could visit and see their stuff.
Because in those freeports there are tons of items with high value, I think it is more secure as a bank safe.
I think why people question it is because it is something new. In the past it was not possible to buy for human beings. Now there are a few companies where it is possible and with blockchain it sounded good for me. The contact to them is very good, via email and phone. I believe in those metals after my research. The need is much higher than the production and this will even more increase. Just the high fees I don’t like, but I didn’t find any cheaper company that had Blockchain, a good customer service, lots of information…

Sounds like a case of shovel seller earning money in a gold / blockhain rush:

-You carry all the speculative risk on the resale value of the minerals
-Intermediary charges a fee for looking after your proof of ownership for you, without taking any risk

Proof of ownership via blockchain sounds better than a traditional contract which you would store on your laptop. But not sure that value add is so big that it is worth paying a lot of money for.


And this is the blockchain partner:

I just posted the link, you can go through it to get an opinion of the companies involved.

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