Investing in the name of a company?

Hi i have a small consultancy (set up as a GmbH) and was told by my accountant that i was free to invest the retained earnings in shares/funds as I do as an individual investor. Has anybody on this board done this in Switzerland and if so, would i just set up an account with CT (or the like) in the company’s name? I am aware of the tax implications on any gains - the the company would pay capital gains taxes unlike an individual investor. thx

I know it’s possible, however I have not done that.
What is the goal of doing that ? Would this lower your taxes ?
Like you said the capital gain will be taxed and you will be taxed a second time when receiving the earnings of your company.

Ideally I would like to invest in a startup but do not have the know-how or network to do so. Probably not enough money of interest but I hate to see six figures plus sitting in the bank doing nothing. These are retained earnings, legal reserves and my initial share capital, most of which must remain in the business but can, in theory, be invested.