International / Private School in Switzerland

Thanks all!

These are very valuable feedbacks!

Anyone here that sends kids to private school and can offer a counter advise? Or any advise?


Thank you all for this. Just trying to make sense of it as an incomer. Is it a fair summary that if you don’t make the grade at 14 to get in the University track at school, you take a vocational / apprenticeship route but there are provisions for days off outside those programs and courses available for you to study to pass university entrance exams(?) I wonder how much later one would typically enter university via this route, I guess 2-3 years?

But you can also get into university from an apprenticeship, you might need to pass some exams or do some additional stuff but it’s never blocked, the links above should outline that better. Another thing to note that in CH sn apprenticeship is generally a lot more than compared to other countries where you pretty much need a university diploma. E.g. in my job (software development), most of my coworkers went through the apprenticeship route and ended up in the same place compared to the ones that went through the university route.

Concerning what is possible/normal in Switzerland: All the common ways are listed and explained here: Schweizer Bildungssystem - Sadly, there’s no English version, only DE/FR/IT/RM. For English resources, take a look at this page: Englisch - I’d bet you can find answers to all your questions there.

I have friends that they do. I could ask them if its OK if I put you in contact with them. Send me a PM

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