Interior design including actual furnishing and installations

Dear all,

Even thought this question might be a little bit against the concept of DIY most of us pursue here, I would like to ask you if you are aware of the approximate costs (and if the service even exists) to hand out the keys of a new, completely empty one bedroom apartment (52m) and have it thoughtfully decorated with an efficient use of space and furnished, so that within one or two weeks, you can start to live there with all the comfort.

If it helps, it would be in the SZ area and of course materials and furniture would be fine with Ikea or similar, since I assume that most of the cost would go into covering all the other work.

Thank you all for your input.

One or two weeks seems too short, given some delivery times of certain furniture shops.
Unless you pick up all things ready to deliver immediately.

Estimating the effort to at least 5 days x 8 hours x hourly rate… I would guess you would be charged at least 4-5k. :slight_smile: (no furniture included)

OR spend some of your time and get a couple of design-conscious friends to go with you; then pay them back with dinners/drinks/whatever kind of gifts you find appropriate. :slight_smile:

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