Interactive Brokers, which reports needed for tax declaration?

Good point @SwissDan and @Dr.PI !

The two sections have the same name “Dividends” in the generated report

So remember to select the “Combined Dividends” and ignore the “Dividends”, as shown in the picture

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Included with other info, you can find it also in PDF

The first file is there (and it’s the one I usually use for taxes)


I have mostly the same. Just no Bond Interest as I don‘t have bonds and I include the Trades.

Without trades there is no way to know how many ETFs you had at each dividend payout?

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Do you mean the number of shares?

I have also another question :slight_smile:
Since IB is withholding Taxes for CHSPI, does that mean that I need to request back also those with the DA-1?

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No, that’s Swiss withholding taxes (Verrechnungssteuer), for which you’ll get a credit with the regular ‘Wertschriftenverzeichnis’. DA-1 is only for foreign withholding taxes. The domicile of the broker doesn’t matter.


That makes sense, thanks.
Usually I add just the total amount for each broker, and for the tax office was ok so far.
So I guess there is no way to get back that 30%

Why wouldn’t you be able to get back the Swiss withholding taxes (35%)?

You simply need at least two lines, one for WV (tax value and dividends of securities without foreign withholding taxes) and one for DA-1.

If you also hold securities that pay dividends without any withholding (e.g. ETFs with an Irish domicile), you need to specify two income values on the summary line for WV, one with and one without Swiss withholding taxes.


Good point. In the eTax for TI should be this one:


Valore Imponibile: taxable value
Soggetto ad imposta preventiva: withholding tax
Non soggetto ad imposta preventiva: no withholding tax

I knew that the withholding tax part should be related of taxes that are paid in CH?
Or is it exactly where I need to add it and then automatically I should get the 35% back?

Then for DA-1 I fill out this part


But then I need to add it manually anyway in the module present in the program

Yes, in the middle field enter the gross dividends that are subject to Swiss withholding taxes and in the bottom field enter the gross dividends not subject to Swiss withholding taxes (e.g. Irish ETF).

You’ll get a tax credit for 35% of the value entered in the middle field.

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Exactly. How do you calculate number of shares at each dividend payout?

Total amount of dividend received (gross) by you
/ dividend per share (gross), as published by fund
= number of shares you‘re holding at record date.

Am I missing something?

I thought it would be that easy, but I kept getting wrong numbers.

you could also create a flex query with the dividends and the number of shares.
You can then execute it for the month you want to retrieve the number of shares.
In my case, I declare each VT purchase and the tax software will compute the accurate dividend amounts.

If you look at “Open Dividend Accruals” or “Change in Dividend Accruals” fields of an activity report for suitable dates, the number of shares is there.


Thank you very much everyone for the comments on this topic. It’s the first time I’m doing the actions tax declaration and took me a few hours to get it. @San_Francisco your proposal of custom layout for the report was super helpful.
A last question (& sorry in advance if it was covered already): where should I declare the cash “trésorerie” account I hold a IBKR. I’m using Vaud Tax and unsure where and how to add the info.
Thanks all in advance for your kind help

Have a look at this thread, you’ll find explanations and screenshots for Vaudtax.


Under Sections wouldn’t you also have to include “Cash Reports”? Because as far as I know you would have to declare in your taxes all cash accounts you have at IBKR just like a bank account. I suspect most of us having at least 2 cash accounts, if buying VT that would be CHF and USD.

Possibly, if you declare all items and all cash balances in different currencies separately - but I don’t.

I just declare the aggregated total from the Net Asset Value section (plus interest of course, if applicable) - which appears as a split between cash & stock (plus dividend accruals) in that section.

I think I’ve had cash balances in 9 currencies last year.


Not familiar with that particular tax software (mine’s very similar to the Zurich one, I believe), but I don’t think anything would anything wrong with declaring it as a personal or current account (that’s compte privé or compte courant, isn’t it?), as shown in the thread linked by @jmp.

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That’s an excellent idea, I am all in about simplifying the tax declaration whenever possible.

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