Interactive Brokers / Tax matters


I have 2 brokers: 1 swiss and degiro. I’m happy with degiro except that for some countries, i’m taxed at source at a relatively high rate (higher than the tax treaty between said countries and Switzerland) and that it seems cumbersome to claim it back. The FX transactions are also not cheap I think. Right now, I’m 50 in ETFs (mostly the free ones on degiro) and 50 in direct stocks (many of them in europe incl France where i’m taxed at source at 28% instead of something like 12)

Soon I will to close the swiss account and transfer the money to a few accounts (to avoid neg. rates) and invest some in the market. I will probably increase a bit my share in ETFs but will continue investing in direct stocks, more diversified. I’m thinking of opening an account with IB. I would either keep IB and Degiro or just transfer everything to IB in the future.

What do you recommend ? Is IB good regarding taxes ? The obvious thought would be yes for the US but Degiro also deals with US witholding taxes well I think.

Thanks for your help

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