Interactive Brokers Q&A [2023]

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  1. Anyone know how I can compare two or more funds (performance, volatility, correlations etc.) to each other on IBKR?

  2. I find IBKRs list of tradeable non-US mutual funds very difficult to navigate, and it seems to show only no-fee mutual funds. I’ve got a hard time finding non-US mutual funds on IBKR. Anyone know some tips?

When I’m using the Web Portal with Google Chrome, Safari or Brave browsers, I can’t generate reports (the page stays blank and stuck), just with Firefox works well;

Do you have the same issue?

Btw IBKR has restricted margin lending withdrawals, for those that use it.
Part of this great collection of links:


This doesn’t seem to apply to Swiss residents. I still see about half my portfolio value as “Cash Available for Withdrawal”.


Is there a report or a facility on IBKR to generate a report showing the dividend yield and the performance of the various shares/ETFs acquired?

I have the impression that the IBKR reports show the dividend yield and the performance of the shares/ETFs separately. However, I would like to know the compound annual performance of dividends + the yield on my positions. Has anyone found a solution yet?

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Have you tried on the FlexQueries under the report section ?
You can display all the dividends perceived during a period,

Wouldn’t that be the Projected Income widget in the PortfolioAnalyst (under Performance & Reports)?

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Sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile:.

I’ve tried this option but I can’t get the cumulative performance on. At best, I systematically look at the performance of the shares and the payment of dividends separately…

This only gives the dividend projection but not the compound performance.

Perhaps my logic is wrong and I should indeed consider the performance of positions separately from the dividend yield.
It seemed logical to me to have a cumulative performance on the total assets deposited at IBKR, but a priori this does not seem possible to generate via a report…


I have some Euro in a savings account at UBS and would like to transfer this (in Euro) to IBKR. I see that there are two possibilities, either I use Wise or I use a regular bank transfer (the money gets sent to Germany to JP Morgan). Does anyone know if using Wise is cheaper although I am not looking to exchange any money, just transfer?


Wise is a Belgian account and IBKR has a German account. You‘d pay the same for a SEPA transfer (in EUR) from UBS to both of them. So no point in using Wise as an intermediary.


Does anyone know how to show position P&L in base currency (CHF)?

Base currency P&L shows for my total portfolio, but not for my single positions. They are shown in USD.


On the IBKR app for iPad, it is a simple setting in Configuration. It is probably similar in other interfaces.


Cheers, got it on IBKR Mobile now. Have been using IBKR global trader app, doesn’t seem to have the option to switch to CHF for single positions there.

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Hi all. I have been wondering about the following in a long time:
I have an account on IBKR with only one ETF: VT.
The ETF is in USD, the setting of my home currency is in CHF. The P&L of the total portfolio is calculated in CHF, the P&L of the single position is calculated on USD.
So on a single day (it also true for the total time period), the P&L is always:
(P&L of VT in USD) * (current FX rate).
If VT went up, this will be a positive value, if VT went down, negative, no matter what the FX did (because the current FX rate cannot be negative). But if the FX rate went down more in percent, than VT, I actually have less money.
To me it would make more sense, that it would take into account the P&L of the FX rate for the calcuation for the total P&L in CHF. Is there a setting for this?

Question on Market Data subscription
I signed as a non-professional subscriber and don’t think I need real time data for now. But it seems I still need to pay based on the snapshot counter? I am not sure how this works. Could someone help me understand? Thanks!

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At least on the app there’s a “use base currency” setting that does that.

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Depends a bit. You have quite a bit (enough for passive investment) of snapshots for free, see: Market Data | Interactive Brokers LLC

Hmm I don’t see any option to not use the snapshot data or cancel the subscription. How will I know if I will be charged or not?

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Sorry, I did not understand you question. I think, you cannot opt out. Just don’t click the button for the snapshot. I think it’s the green refresh button.

How to see, if you are charged or not, I’m not sure. It is 0.01$ for US Securities and IBKRs gives you the first dollar for free. How often do you plan to check the snapshot?