Interactive Brokers: no transfer fees apparently

Post Finance

Neither. It’s for the e-trading account

I forget the time and process detail since it was very easy.

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Thank you for the details!

W-8BEN on your own & 30% withhold - #31 by OogieBoogie says it’s actually QI. (I’d personally be surprised if such a big player like postfinance wouldn’t do it properly)


Well, Postfinance e-trading is Swissquote inside anyway. Which is QI. I suspect because of its position Postfinance itself is not allowed to do any kind of trading, even for customers.

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So did I get this right, it’s possible to buy VT at IBKR, then transfer it to Switzerland, and still reclaim full withholding tax?

That would be nice easter news indeed :grin:

Postfinance charged me CHF 100 to transfer a security to IB if I remember correctly.

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from PF’s website:

Physical securities I suppose are in paper form. I was surprised in another thread that it meant something else, but in another context (options).
Am I Right?

Yes, this time it means in paper form :rofl:

@ma0 can you please clarify:
If I want to transfer 10 units of VUSA from PF to IBKR, is that 1 security or 10 ?
aka 1 * 107.7 chf or 10 * 107 ?
Thanks !

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One security = one position.

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I called PF yesterday. They acknowlwdged PF= SwissQuote, but they said they are not a QI, and they cannot do W8BEN.
Does anyone have PF? Were you able to get the whole 30% witholding tax back? Were you abld to fill the w8-ben?

Apparently one can file a W-8BEN with PF.