Interactive Brokers for dummies

I personally use market orders when buying VT, the spread is so small anyway. I don’t really care about a few decimal points :stuck_out_tongue: Granted I only buy a few hundreds worth of shares per month right now.

a few hundreds shares per MONTH ? Damn are you reducing a cash cussion ?
At a share price this would mean 20k$ per month min,

he said “a few hundreds worth of shares per month”

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Hello IBKR users!
:point_up: I’m quite new to the platform so here’s a newbie’s question:

  • Where can I find the currency of an ETF or stock in the mobile IB app?
    I can only see the code of the exchange (i.e. ARCA, EBS, AEB…)


Hi everyone,

Regarding the Stock Yield Enhancement Program. how can I check which of my shares are being lent out and how much I am making from it?

Thank you!

Check “Activity” statement for a given month in the past or “month to date” for the current month. Or a custom range of dates.

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Le ding stock, is it safe ? What are the risks ?

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I am newbie to Interactive Brokers.

I am trying to buy VT stock, but as it’s domiciled in USA, they told me as a Swiss Resident I can’t buy US ETFs.

Do you know the work around for that?

Check trading permissions first?

Which IB entity you are with? Should be UK.

Would be good to have an exact text of the error message, because if this is really what you imply, it’s bad for all of us.

Nah there’s been many people with that issue, it’s usually permissions or people who ended up at one of the other subsidiaries.

(But support is often not aware that CH is different from EU and gives misleading answers)


…or a cash account with insufficient (settled) USD.

Is there a way to change the permissions?

From the IB user interface you can decide on which markets and with which securities you want to trade

Here’s a fun fact, that a dummy like myself didn’t know. The regular trading hours of NYSE & NASDAQ are 09:30 to 16:00 EST (15:30 to 22:00 CET). But the extended hours span 04:00 to 20:00 EST (10:00 to 02:00 CET).

I heard about extended trading hours before, but I didn’t know it’s available to everybody and the the liquidity is quite ok (funny how you can live without questioning some assumptions…). In IB you just need to toggle the “extended hours” switch when placing an order, and you don’t have to wait until 15:30. Here a price chart for TSLA, with extended hours in pink.


I word of warning here from someone who used to watch pre- and post-market trading hours for several stocks: make sure to know what you are doing! And then make some paper trades first.
If you use a really liquid stock (like TSLA in your screenshot), most probably it’s ok. For other stocks, you can really get fucked.


Also, Absolutely never enter market orders in after hours, you will absolutely be front-run by HFTs, and be scalped by how much they can get away with


OK, fair warnings. Yes, I put a limit order and used the price management algo of IB. I guess it protects you to some extent from these malicious attacks. And before I placed the order, I had a look at the price chart from previous days to see that there are no wild price swings outside regular trading hours.

Buying more TSLA, are you? :blush:

Let’s say I’ve bought enough, already. Now it’s just time to patiently wait.