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The problem people are just sheep following media and prefer go to youtube or facebook before looking what happen at Chernobyl Fukushima and look the difference between fission fusion and molten salts.
We have the alexandria library with ALL informations but no one spend time to search and learn. But people vote for just unknown subject at all. Nuclear even fission are more safer than take you car because you are more likely to die than live at 10m of a fission power central.
5g the problem is the leak of studies. All reports speak about fertility and sleep problem but not one study is enough and no one made another study. People should just be together pros and cons and ask a study because we have the right to know !

Again no one does that and prefers fight.

Yes and even molten salts developed and working before first nuclear bomb.
Because people are sheep and not think. But will probably make noise if the price of electricity goes up due to their choices.

After Cambridge Analytica (Great Hack 2019) come and can change mind of sheep. Perhaps the end of democracy if this continues and people not evolve.

I’m not going to reply very extensively because it’s clear that I cannot change your opinion.

This is much more useful that your blanket statement of ‘there is no AI’. Now I have a hint to a source (a direct link would be even better) and actually can make up my mind.

Well, what is Intelligence (without the artificial) then if not very detailed pattern matching? Honest question: Do you expect magic?

So in your definition of ‘Intelligence’ you require that it is hard to describe (it needs a very long article) and that it contains or can produce true randomness? If we measure by producing true randomness I agree with you that we will never attain AI.

Now you’re moving the goalposts. I was just responding to your claim that no computer can write a program on its own. But it’s trivial to introduce if/else statements or similar things that modify the code while replicating. There already have been worms that did exactly that to replicate.

So this?

You mean we need machine code? Sure, let’s just do the whole thing in that. Ultimately any program ends up in machine code anyway.

Oh well… I think I’ll just stop arguing with you. I’ts not worth the annoyance. Baaa!


I’ll give you leads afterwards for each of you to explore. I’m not a scientist doctor developer just a simple sheep that spends time searching and inquiring as everyone else should.

Not expect any magic and yes brain can be fooled by a simple picture. Intelligence is for me not well defined yet because a plant is as smart as an animal or a human in his own level. If you say a human is smarter, why are we destroying our planet knowing this for money ? A plant or a animal not destroy his own planet and only take cares about his own survival.
Quantum physics may look like magic, but it’s not. The Greeks (Hero) used the steam engine without probably know what is a steam engine. The Baghdad battery probably used for electrolysis without know what is electrolysis. We just not have type of computer/code for AI yet. AI = computer can take its own decisions and write its own code for his own reasons. Actual computer are calculators programmed by humans.

Calculator worlds isn’t random at all because you ask 0 or 1 and can’t be really random and not be chosen randomly by computer itself. The first AI code/computer can probably generate random numbers yes.

No a worm is programmed and can even be updated remotely but still a calculator that does exactly what it’s asked to do. If something hasn’t been planned, it’s over for a worm. That’s the work of an antivirus.
Anti-virus are said “AI” with heuristic work. But just follow to block all activites modifying “explorer.exe” or a registry key for Windows if this file/registry not planned the worm/virus win and continue…
Self replication is what is done inside each cell for an human body. But when something goes wrong a cell continue replicate bad DNA and propagate what we call a “cancer”. There’s no intelligence for solve this issue. We get older because the cells don’t reproduce the same thing at 10 as they do at 70.

You have read ?
It’s just a compilation improvement instead of process 6 lines compressed to 2 line of code so faster processing for CPU. Actual typed language is compiled or modified to a computer language for be understand by the processor and that’s the main problem of AI yet.
I known it can be hard to made the difference between a calculator and a brain because even the brain have some calculator functions and we are just a big computer with a lot of different sensors. It’s why marketing play with AI world everywhere. Everyone think at Terminator but we are far away of that.
During the first years of life we observe and self replicate what’s around us when an animal should learn to walk some hours after else he dies but a computer can’t observe and self replicate without following an human algorithm/code.

If you want tomorrow true AI. We need a computer can process itself these own generated lines of code. You buy a raspberry pi put an empty sd card and with power supply the processor/brain learn to use itself these sensors for generate and process some lines of code like a baby who use eyes for look what happen near him and begin to interact with his world begin to use his sd card/memory for store some informations. We are at 0% of AI due to that not any CPU or even code/library can do that actually.

Yes everyone stop because no one want to spend time for search by itself and prefer take marketing for truth. Like an electrical car is 100% green but it’s just not green and depend a lot of country power source. Even a solar panel take a lot of resources for be manufactured and solar small charger are a plague for planet because used less than 10 years 24/24h that’s time needed for a solar panel to be more efficient than costly to environmental resources. I’m a simple sheep I just spending time to go search all on Internet like everyone can do because we have all the same Internet unlimited access we aren’t in China with a great firewall.

Manually… :sweat_smile: thanks for the tip. I’ve added the sources.

interesting, is this law a consequence of Fukushima?
In any case Laws can be changed

Before people need to learn on their own. Take a lot of time to build slowly a “safe” power plant and it’s probably already too late for replace our current power plant already unsafe due to years attacked by radiation. These type of power plant are already all shutdown around the planet since years but without any other power source they can’t and need to run indefinitely.
Laws take a lot of time to be modified and we don’t have time. The production is already negative with this power plant closed in December 2019.

I thought that (most) nuclear power plants generate energy by fission.
And Switzerland has 4 of them active -
Perhaps it is meant in the context of building up new ones?

All nuclear power plants generate power by fission.

Very simplified:

  • Fission: Take an atom, shoot a neutron into its core, then it falls apart and releases energy. Harvest this energy by getting water to boil, then use the steam to power a turbine and generate elecricity.

  • Fusion: Take two atoms and get them to fuse to form a new atom, whereby a lot of energy is released. The sun fuses nuclei to generate its power.

Mankind has succeeded in “taming” fission and using it peacefully to generate power. Yet so far, research is still ongoing to build fusion nuclear reactors. Fusion reactors are expected to yield much more energy.

Switzerland has banned new power plants that use either technology.

Yet nobody has even succeeded in building a functioning fusion power plant.


I hope we see market ready fusion reactors by 2050. This might solve a lot of problems. But it seems like it’s going to take several decades.

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Fusion reactors, 70 years of human research & still so many problems to solve - this clearly isn’t a task for us humans, but for AI to solve! :thinking:
Tesla will be announcing the solution begin 2021.

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What if Elon Musk has been sent back in time by the machines to help develop AI so that it can take over the World? “Cybertruck”? “Starlink”? Be very afraid…



No there is a third : molten salts using thorium who can reuse some nuclear waste
And probably other way for use energy stored inside current called “nuclear waste”. But radiation = pure energy

Molten salts power plant have already running successfully before first nuclear weapon who force world to go with fission but it’s safe. Build for 20-25 years and run now since 47 years and more for other nuclear power plant but we just can’t shutdown due to this law that’s great to have the older power plant in the world thank you people who not go read how work a nuclear reactor before writing yes or no.
Look Chernobyl like that you can know and spend useful time.

I’m curious to view old dam too with so many pressure and movements due to water pressure. It can probably cause structural damage over time.

This is truism because saving/investment by definition is delayed consumption. The whole point is what is the proportion of saving/investing to consumption and what is the nature of consumption (let’s say reading books is a better consumption than for example taking heroin). They in the end determine the economic growth and improvements of quality of life. If you save for example to build a building (investment) or take heroin all the time (consumption) - which activity contributes more to economic growth and well being?

Bojack: 1. AI kills us all or turns us into slaves

Cortana: Well looking forward to your 1st option

Who cares about slavery/death when you can get those sweet sweet returns. :joy:

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