ICTax values incorrect?

Happy new year everyone,

I am pretty much all in on VT (US9220427424). An incorrect valuation would have a non-negligable impact on my wealth taxes, I just checked the EOY value on ICTax and I believe it about 2% too high.

The value on ICTax (VT) for 31.12.2022 is CHF 81.76.

Even by my most generous calculations the EOY value should be no more than CHF 80.-
0.926 * 86.22 = 79.84

Have I miscalculated or is ESTV scamming us?

Also cryptocurrencies (e.g. ETH & BTC) with 24/7 volatile marktets have the 30.12.2022 value for the 31.12.2022.
Do they seriously not calculate the correct value just because the last day of the year was a sunday?

Should I just bend over and take it or do we wage war? (probably something inbetween right?)

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2022 have finished yesterday, I have no idea how would they already calculate VT value and put it into the database. It might be some template value. I guess it will be corrected in a couple of weeks. Another possibility is that they used EURCHF instead of USDCHF to calculate the value, but that would be really stupid.

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Yes, it seems incorrect. Maybe it will be corrected later.
You can always reach out to them to ask and correct the amount

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c’mon, give them a break, you check ICTax on the 1st, and the 1st was a Sunday, and as you know no-one is allowed to work on Sunday.


I have now recieved my tax return and the EOY value of VT has not been changed. Where / Who do I contact to get this fixed. (I don’t speak the local language)

Ok, so you want to make all this effort for
2% too high value on let’s say 1 Mio CHF, giving 20k CHF, which is then taxed at let’s say 0.15%, so 30 CHF.

I’d have better use of my time.

You can use this form: Contact the FTA (mention that it’s about ICTax).

Marginal wealth tax rate e.g. in Zurich is 0.33% for a taxable net worth of CHF 1 million.

I hade a typo and fixed it, I meant 0.15%. My calculations were still correct. With 0.33% it would be 66 CHF.

They corrected the value today to CHF 79.78.

I sent them an email yesterday evening. They updated the tax value today

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