IBKR - Warning from my bank IBKR has some compliance issues

Hello together,

I am using IBKR for several years now and never had an issue.
Yesterday I was making a new transfer of 10 000 CHF to IBKR via my bank (Valiant). Today they called me and asked, if I really wanted to make this money transfer. They have to warn me that IBKR was sentenced multiple times for not complying with inspecting authority. And therefore had to pay a forfeit. I had to actively say, that I am aware of the risk and that I am sure and want to send the money there.

I was like WTF? Never heard of this problem. I told them to make the money transfer.

So out of curiosity, I was wanted to ask you guys if you ever had something like this from your home bank? Did your bank ever warn you about IBKR?

For those curious.

Do they also warn you when you do a transfer to UBS: https://www.finra.org/media-center/news-releases/2018/finra-fines-ubs-5-million-significant-deficiencies-aml-programs

(+ the 5B fine from France)


Haha good answer. I’m curious, which bank are you talking about here @essential?

They said “valiant” in the first post.

I actually missed that, thanks :sweat_smile:

I thought Valiant was a kiosk that sells newspapers and chocolate.

But… but… but… UBS is a Swiss bank.

Hehe good one, that’s Valora :wink:

Valiant is that bank with the ugly purple adds…

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