IBKR GlobalTrader

I tried with my existing IB account. The preview shows usual fees around 2 USD.

My first attempt half an hour ago failed to convert with unspecified error.
Just successfully did it though.

I guess the lower “tiered” transaction fees on existing “Pro” accounts should compensate me for the higher FX minimums?

I downloaded the GlobalTrader app from the Apple Store this morning in order to try it. Unfortunately, when I try to log in, it open my IBRK Pro account.

Did I need to delete the IBKR Pro App or maybe set up by default the GlobalTrader as my IB Key ?

+1 Exactly same issue

It’s just an UI simplified version of IBKR App, less functions - e.g. no News & Media.

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Looks like I’ll start using this version of the app. The look & feel is much better. Pity we non-US folks can’t benefit from the (even) cheaper rates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: