IBKR: Dividend report / statement of one position only

Hi there

In order to reclaim withheld dividends, I’d like to generate a dividend report for just one position / company (Broker: IBKR).

Anyone with an idea? The standard / custom reports lists the dividends of a certain period over all position… IBKR support was not helpful so far :-/


Not answering the question, but why not just send the full report, what would be the issue?

I don’t know whether an official partial statement is supported. However, a possible alternative for the future is to create a new linked account and then perform an internal transfer of this position to the new account.

That or

Would be my workaround if there is no way to have such a report generated. A new dedicated account seems like an overkill to me… and I don’t like to disclosure all my IBKR assets to an foreign tax authority if not needed…

Thanks so far - I was playing with the “IBKR flex queries” but with no luck…

Just delete all rows in the report except the one you are interested in?

Which foreign tax authority will accept a custom statement to refund withholding tax? :thinking:

Can’t you generate from IB a dividend payment notice per dividend ? Showing account number, account holder name, name of the financial instrument, gross amount etc

How so? I don’t find anything in this direction under “Reports / (Custom) Statements”

Ireland (maybe?) I’m going to find out :wink:


Asking what their understanding of “DIVIDEND VOUCHERS” are, I got the following response “it can be a statement/credit advice received by you from your broker, showing the total shares- gross amount - tax deducted- net payment.

No idea. It was a rhetorical question. I’m not using IB :slight_smile: . My Swiss broker issues an individual advice for each event on my portfolio. Separately, I can generate a full report.

Just in case, There is no wht on Irish domiciled ETFs. You might be looking at a different case though

There are lots of report classes with IB, one generates a report of such class over all assets…

An other workaround is to generate a dividend report of just the day the dividend happend - I guess I go this way and have 4 reports per year generated… And hopefully, the said asset paid the dividend on those days exclusively in my portfolio…

Yes, I know. In my case it is a regular Irish company…

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