IB multiple accounts

I wonder if someone has several accounts or sub-accounts. I am interested in experimenting with part of my budget and I would like to separate that from my main account in order to see all the important information directly on IB without having to copy data on excel to see calculate the performances of my experiments etc.

I created a Friends And Family account with the idea of creating a portfolio that multiple accounts could invest in, but I have to say the portfolio functionality is really buggy. I’ve been trying to get IB Support to fix it for three months now, but still no luck.

If you’re going to be managing each account individually anyway, I guess the F&F account saves you from having to log in several times. Other than that, I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble.

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I also have a friends and family account. I am not facing any bugs, but some glitches are there and it is not straightforward to manage multiple accounts. Still I find it very useful.

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Is this a new synonym for speculating?! :smile:
Sry for the OT, but couldn’t abstain from it :upside_down_face: