IB is down. can't trade

Today’s not my day. I can login but the “trade” button doesn’t show anything.

their site…wtf. Apparently I was like “semi logged”. For some reason the login wasn’t considered full. No warning on the sidebars. Logout and Login solved it.

I think you can login without trading permission, e.g. if youre logged in on the mobileapp.

That is why it might not have a proper check…

I recommend getting their app. So far it has always worked when the website had issues. The same goes for Trader Workstation but the app is far more convenient and user friendly.

Rarely (1 day per month) I have also difficulties to log in with trading permissions. I’m logged in correctly but need to repeat it three, four, five times until the trading permission “stick”. No issue for me as I don’t trade that often, but obviously not what you expect from a company such as IB.

+1 to use the app, for some reason their website is not very reliable…

If web and app login failed: Old-school TWS just worked in all cases (my experience)

I couldn’t login yesterday as the 2FA wasnt working.
Great user experience as usual. :slight_smile:
Makes me want to send them hundreds of thousands CHF to take care of.


i can confirm i have been using it for 2 weeks now and the web site has issues from time to time, mobile seems to be consistent.
though i sent last night at 02 in the morning 1000 chf from my bank 2 hours later they were in my IB account it took seconds to convert to USD with 1 franc fee and available to trade (with minimal fee).

Not sure how many of you have exposure on the inside of trading applications and of this caliber, its pretty damn impressive in all counts even if they do have issues from time to time.

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I preferred the old web trader site, now made obsolete. It was easier to see fees and stuff. The new one is too easy and make me want to keep trading all day long.

It’s professional company (TWS) with some management guy that keep saying that they need to capture a wider audience so they have a small team building more user friendly stuff.

i think i was searching for half an hour to find where i can see my fees, yea that was not optimal : p

Now even the mobile app is not operable.
First time I see this tbh.

I get the same notification, however I am able to login.

yeah it has been more than an hour web has issues mobile works for me
@ma0 a.k.a the prophet of doom : p

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