IB country of residence

Has anyone noticed that IB is asking for country of residence without giving the possibility to pick Switzerland? You can f… select english without being asked to use the .eu site.

No… are they asking for confirmation of previously provided infos or are you registering for the first time ?

I’m just accessing www.interactivebrokers.ch, which redirects to .co.uk in german. Then I try to switch to english and I get this. It’s just a website issue. Nothing serious.

But still… I hate when Webdevs are so .let me say ignorant. A Language doesn’t define a nationality and vice-versa. Why they need to know which EU country you are from is also unknown to me, eu should be uniform.

…unless it isn’t. Though passporting rules greatly simplify the authorisation / supervision requirement, financial service providers need to have authorisation or give notification for each market they’re operating in.

In the case of IBKR, they’ve set up multiple EU entities (in Hungary, Luxembourg, Ireland) and are free to choose which countries (or clients) to serve through each entity.

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