I’m sick of UBS. Can you recommend a better bank?

We currently bank with UBS. It’s unbelievable how bad they are: they make mistakes and overcharge us on the monthly fee, getting anything done takes hours and several phone calls, the branch is useless because it takes 30 minutes to get service… I’ve had it.

I’m looking for a bank that gives:

  • a personal account for my partner and I to receive salary and domestic CHF transfers
  • a joint account
  • a debit card for the joint and personal accounts each
  • ebills
  • no credit card needed (they suck anyway, better with a separate CC)
  • online banking
  • proper twint (not prepaid)
  • mobile app (nice to have)
  • don’t really care about physical branch if they’re easy to contact by other means (email or phone without an 0848 number)
  • service in English or at the very least French

We currently pay 15.- a month for the whole package (on months they don’t overcharge us)

I saw CA next but I don’t know anyone who uses it and it’s unclear what’s included on their smaller package (domestic payments in and out?) or if they have “couples” packages.



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