I’m sick of UBS. Can you recommend a better bank?

We currently bank with UBS. It’s unbelievable how bad they are: they make mistakes and overcharge us on the monthly fee, getting anything done takes hours and several phone calls, the branch is useless because it takes 30 minutes to get service… I’ve had it.

I’m looking for a bank that gives:

  • a personal account for my partner and I to receive salary and domestic CHF transfers
  • a joint account
  • a debit card for the joint and personal accounts each
  • ebills
  • no credit card needed (they suck anyway, better with a separate CC)
  • online banking
  • proper twint (not prepaid)
  • mobile app (nice to have)
  • don’t really care about physical branch if they’re easy to contact by other means (email or phone without an 0848 number)
  • service in English or at the very least French

We currently pay 15.- a month for the whole package (on months they don’t overcharge us)

I saw CA next but I don’t know anyone who uses it and it’s unclear what’s included on their smaller package (domestic payments in and out?) or if they have “couples” packages.



I’m not sure if they provide everything in the list yet (in particular joint accounts and ebills), but Swissquote is rather on the rise and keeps expanding its offering towards the typical services of a regular bank.

Raiffeisen with membership, BCV Family package.

Postfinance, but don’t invest with them, pay a regular price. Use to have no fees for the debit card, now I don’t know.

I am sure that your cantonal Bank will also have a suitable offer.


I tried raiffaisen a few times, they don’t offer service in anything but German where I live and didn’t return my calls.

Is BCV Switzerland wide or do you have to live in Bern?

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It’s banque cantonal vaudoise and from what I know they open accounts for any Swiss resident.

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Do you mean YUH or indeed Swissquote? Is their 2 CHF fee per payment still there?


You might want to add the language requirement to your list then.

I suggest playing with the comparison tool at https://www.moneyland.ch/

Although it counts in such non-mustachian paid options as withdrawing money from other banks’ ATMs and receiving monthly statements on paper, @Daniel .

Yes exactly. I tried it but it wasn’t super conclusive because of that: if my card has fees for using it you can be sure it’ll be shredded upon arrival and another card used instead. But not on that website

There is a listing of different types of fees in the comparison and a separate detailed description. Still a good summary.


I’d honestly be interested and suggest you tell us what kind of service you’re expecting and trying to get done with them over the phone.

I’ve never needed to visit the branch or use the phone for anything to done even when I was with UBS.

Well, given that CA, BCV and Yuh have been suggested here and some people use Neon as well, how else are you going to get your cash?

From bank’s own ATMs, which is free :crazy_face:

And by the way I am mostly withdrawing CHF cash with the Revolut card, it’s more than enough for me.

You mean driving down to Vaud from German-speaking Switzerland? :clown_face:

Or looking for one of those elusive Swissquote ATMs?

CA next bank has at least one ATM in german-speaking Switzerland :call_me_hand: Though given that both their Zurich branches seem not to feature one, I doubt it’s many more than that.

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You have free withdrawal from other cantonal banks.


Yeah, I knew you gonna say this. :rofl:

From what I know, with a card of one cantonal bank you can withdraw money from any cantonal bank ATM. Would be happy to see a confirmation or a disproof.

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That’s why I think withdrawals from other banks‘ ATMs can be a valid „Mustachian“ thing to do :wink:

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Mostly visits to fix their errors, honestly. Because of course it’s up to me to do the work for their mistakes. Last time, they overcharged me so I stead of crediting the amount on my account they gave me those UBS points or whatever which you can apparently only cash out on the last day of the year and have to deposit in person at the branch.

Or a KYC form because they blocked a transfer until they got it.

Or splitting credit card bills so that one card is charged on my personal account and the other on my joint account.

Little things that I shouldn’t need to do in person, let alone take a couple hours out of my life to do. They’re just utterly incompetent, make mistakes, and then make MY life complicated to fix it.

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I have honestly never had to withdraw cash in years of living here. Everywhere takes cards and when they don’t, twint works.

I sell the odd thing on Ricardo or tutti for cash and it lasts me for ever because I never need cash anywhere.

To the point that I had a bunch of cash sitting in a drawer and when I wanted to use it recently, it wasn’t good anymore because the bank notes had changed and these weren’t valid anymore… I really never need cash.

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  • very close to revolut rates abroad ++
  • ApplePay supported ++
  • free cash withdrawal from anywhere + (who needs cash these days??)
  • online, easy, everything works, support is friendly and relatively quick (~24hrs) +
  • no netbanking (mobile only) –
  • eBill supported +
  • TWINT limited to low amounts (monthly 500CHF via UBS App) or prepaid
  • prepaid mastercard - (for free though +)
  • no partner card (but you can add your neon card to her wallet :wink: )


  • Debit Mastercard +
  • Joint account possible +
  • netbank is quite alright +
  • no spend categorization and budgeting engine —
  • fees keep increasing - but are still low + (5CHF I think)
  • offices and ATMs everywhere for cash +


  • “free offer” from CS +
    (- CS scandals and moral values --)
  • joint accounts - not sure?
  • Twint - yes +
  • mastercard debit +
  • native mobile app + webbank from CS +
  • ATMs and offices everywhere +
  • rates abroad suck -

Still convenient when you go out only with your (UBS) Mastercard. Running joke for those who got the reference :wink:. For all the others : Probleme bei der UBS: Bezahlen mit Mastercard Kreditkarten nicht möglich

Problem appears at PostFinance. Always carry multiple cards.

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