How will you vote on the 28. November?

I think we are in the same boat Patron, similar opinions on those votations … don’t thing that the covid law, decided on March, is a good path for ALL of us. Vaccinated or not.

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Did you see some data on that aspect? Doesn’t it also plays a key role to guarantee a standard of care that is not subpar compared to what people trained in Swiss schools are providing? If it’s only painful paperwork I have to agree with you. On the other hand, if it acts as a quality control tool we cannot dismiss it right away. I’m not familiar at all with the situation. Are people with non-EU diploma offered additional training?

No. Personal experiences within the family.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to accept any diploma from anywhere in the world without questioning it. But we also have very different standards even within the EU. In some of the eastern countries in the EU it was quite normal that surgeons smoked cigarettes during operations in the operation room and also tools were and probably still are much older than in the west. But that doesn’t seem to matter because we signed up for that with the bilateral contracts between the EU and CH.

And as a result of that the decision is just black or white. EU country means diploma accepted, non-EU country means diploma not accepted even if it’s from a country that would potentially have even higher standards than some of the EU countries.

The thing is nobody knows what to do and nobody is willing to help, but for a medical doctor, there seem to be two ways. You approach for example UZH, they will tell you: Well, you could repeat some years of your master and then get a Swiss diploma like everyone else. Sounds cool. If you want to sign up for a master and get credits for your previous studies, they ask you to sign up for the Bachelor and hand in all documents so they will promote you to the correct level. If you sign up for the Bachelor, you need first to pass numerus clausus, which is unrealistic to beat all students who came out directly from school.

The other way would be to to get 3-6 years of experience in Switzerland, then you’re allowed to sign up for the regular medical state exam and if you pass it, you get the diploma. The problem is, how do you get 3-6 work experiences if you’re not allowed to work as a doctor if your diploma is not accepted? There is a loophole through cantonal law. The cantonal ministries of health can grant you a temporary permission to work in the area if you find a hospital that has work for you and they can proof that for a longer period of time, they couldn’t find someone in CH or from the EU. Don’t remember if it’s 3 or 6 months. The problem is, if you go that route, you won’t get the nice jobs everybody wants to do so you will have to do what nobody wants, the positions are rare because there are many people from the EU who want to work in CH. And on top of that the temporary permission is limited to 1 year and cannot be extended. So you would have to go through that procedure 3 to 6 times. In the end, you have to pass the medical state exam. And as we all know, this involves studying many theory we don’t necessarily need anymore at work.

So there are lots of if’s and but’s and there is uncertainty. You don’t know if you find enough jobs, it’s not even sure if you find something in a direction you are interested in. If you study medicine and you wanted to specialise in internal medicine you don’t want to end up being a gynaecologist or an urologist. And you don’t know if you will really find all the jobs and if you after 12 years will still be able to pass the medical state exam.

So basically, if you want to be sure that you will earn money after some initial investment, you just again study something else and then work in that area. No if’s and but’s and maybe’s. All medical professions in Switzerland are somehow regulated in a similar way, but I don’t know if the acceptance of a diploma for a Nurse is much easier but I guess not. Nurse diplomas usually need to get accepted by the SRK so I think they are a bit better in this regard but it’s still very annoying and frustrating.

No. You’re on your own. Someone I know even tried to get their medical doctor diploma accepted by the SRK to be allowed to work as a nurse. The answer was just: Nope. Even if they would be willing to study the whole thing again such as doing the 3 years Bachelor as a nurse or similar medical professions, there is the numerus clausus like thing where people have to spend 1 year before they can start with passing several written tests, interviews, and practical modules etc. even if you already have the qualification they won’t even let you study it again. There is 1 year of uncertainty and you have to compete in the process with students that directly come from school, and you have to be better than them.

There are people with similar experiences and what they usually do is just studying something else that is not regulated by the government and then work in that area. Yes, they wasted all they time studying but it’s at least something that is in your control and after 3 years you for sure have a diploma you can work with, without all the uncertainties of the other ways.

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