How to Send Money to Your Interactive Broker's account for free

Here is a calculator, where I just put the amount:

Did you perhaps use the wrong calculator?

When I put 2000 into the " Interest Paid to You on Positive (Credit) Cash Balances" calculator I get 0 but in the " Interest Charged on Margin Loans" I get 30.

Thanks for this thread! I found exactly what I was looking for. I thought wiring funds to the London Citibank account would be considered as an international payment but apparently it is a domestic operation for Swiss banks.

I’m still undecided whether I’ll open an account at IB.
Does anybody of you know how to withdraw money from the IB account in CHF back to my CHF account in Switzerland for free? I assume this is a SWIFT transaction and either IB or the receiving bank in Switzerland will put charges on this.

“One free withdrawal is allowed per calendar month. After the first withdrawal (of any kind), subsequent withdrawals using this method will incur a fee of CHF 11.00”

Do check with your receiving bank. As for correspondence banks in-between, while Swiss banks and IBKR should be well-connected, maybe you can’t rule it out. Shouldn’t be a deal-breaker though, in my opinion.

In my case, I am making regular withdrawals via SEPA - for which a subsequent withdrawal will only cost EUR 1.00. So I’ll better make sure that they come last in a month. :wink:

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Hi all,
I’m wondering if someone else had a similar experience.
I’m with Migros Bank and used the CH IBAN (CH20 8909 5000 0105 6967 4) to transfer CHF from Migros to IB.
Migros told me that it would cost 5 CHF because the IBAN may be ‘Swiss’ but the receiving bank is most definitely not.
And they charged 5 CHF.

Using postfinance it is free.

Sure, but it’s not trivial to amass 25k CHF at PostFinance with the risk that their payments policy change suddenly as well.


UBS doesn’t charge me anything.

Yes, receiving bank is not swiss but payment goes through same gross settlement system as payments to any other swiss bank, i.e. from one bank’s account at SNB to another bank’s account at SNB. It doesn’t actually cost them any extra in the end. They just feel like charging you more. Deal with it or vote with your feet/capital.

…and be ready to give them 15chf for the luxury of closing your account.

Selbershuld for failing to consider the fine print

Depositing 25k cash will not make postfinance account free, that offer’s expired like 2 years ago.

The “free” offer is if you buy 25k worth of their investment funds, which will actually cost you a lot more in management fees than the regular 5 fr/month account maintenance fee


It is free from Neon.

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Free from Zak as well

Yep. Same here. I’m using Postfinance for such transfers now.

Not quite true. That value in 3a funds and/or normal stocks in their e-trading also counts. Of course e-trading costs Fr 90 p.a., but you don’t need their investment funds.

Somebody, lead me to send money from TransferWise to IB for now.
Should I choose ‘Sending to someone else’ or ‘Buisiness/Charity’ by TW? What the digits I must to point and where if my IB account is U1234567 at example? Screenshot’s appreciated!
Should I ask form of recievement in Interactive Brokers as Bank wire? THANK YOU!

I think it has to be your personal account to send money into IB, so I don’t believe you can do it via Transferwise.

Why not do it directly from your bank in CHF? It is free.

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To answer this question you have to live in Ukraine.

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Sorry to come in at this old thread - it seems IB changed banks to JPM for USD.
I’ve been paining myself where to find this ’ Search for a financial institutions postal account’ in the UI, maybe you could help?

Hedghog ain’t on here no more :pensive:
I believe this post was about an account in Switzerland to transfer CHF to IB fo free.
For USD transfers to IB it was always a wire transfer to JPM (or Citi) in USofA. (Involves a minor cost, approx. $10-$15).

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Oh… I’m sorry to hear, from the posts, his contribution was massive.

Thanks a lot - the costs are not that crazy, I’m just a bit surprised - I thought transferring USD to them would be the easiest of all for some reason.
And its always unhappy to find out it could have been done for free after you already paid 15 CHF 12 times :slight_smile:

I’ll wait until I’ll have a larger pile of USD then.