How to plan renovations

Hi there! We just bought a house and we are planning to do some renovations. Any tips general tips about the topic?

Probably we need, at least, a builder, someone to renovate the floors and a painter. Anyone has good contacts in Aargau/Zurich? The house is in Baden, Aargau.

And last thing, we are thinking about renovations which increase the value of the house (minergie maybe?), any idea?

Tax aspects : Split your expenses in different year to maximize tax deductions.

Increase ecological grade of the house : you need a CECB plus report first in order to investigate best options and allow you to obtain financial help from governement.

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There are plenty of ‘tips’ but, if you’ll deal with several companies, seek professionals to drive the process and optimise (also financially) your renovation project.

If you’re planning to improve the energy performance of your house - exterior insulation, or change the heating system, or better windows, or solar panels - check the local authorities. Sometimes there are subsidies/grants to support a part of the renovation costs. Also very important: don’t forget to ask for an asbestos screening before any intervention if it’s an old house. And if you’re planning to start a significantly amount of renovations yourself, check if a small insurance can be useful.

And don’t forget to check the building potential of the plot
 maybe you can make it bigger, and it will increase size and value.


A budget to guide the process is key (and don’t forget to reserve an amount to the unexpected and unforeseen situations.)

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