How to declare options - tax declaration


I have done some option trading this year. and trying to anticipate my next year tax declaration. the thing is that i can’t find a way to declare options.

i’m in Vaud, so i use VaudTax software. and i use ictax . i know how to declare and ETF or fund, and how to declare stock. however i can’t find a way to declare stock options.

I understand that unless i’m not considered a professional trader (with my profit i’m pretty sure i won’t 0_o) option profit are not taxed. but i still expect to declare them.

I see that some people in the forum has been playing with options. does anybody know how to declare options?

I want to buy some SPY call LEAPS, but before i do that i want to be sure how the tax declaration would work. as i might hold them for 1-2 years.


I started trading options this month and you make me realize that I have no idea how to declare it :slight_smile: I tried to do it in the demo version of taxme (Bern) and I guess it should look like this (still not sure):

Only way to separate the stocks from options is writing a label (Bezeichnung) next to the title. Since it is tax free I leave the balance at dividend date zero. So in the summary it doesn’t show up. If someone with experience could confirm or correct me, I would be really glad.

This is a good question. In 2020 I only declared my options that I held over year end (SPY LEAPS) in the Wertschriftenverzeichniss. The tax software for Kt. Zug allows to add derivatives such as options. My understanding is that since options don’t pay dividens it’s only relevant for the wealth tax. But I have honestly no idea what the actual rules are around those.

A question I have is what if you buy an option in January and sell it again in November with e.g. +10% capital gains. By year end you don’t own it anymore, so do you need to report it anyway?

As capital gains are not taxable in Switzerland (except if you are qualified as professional investor), I think that it is not necessary to declare an option bought and sold in the same calendar year.

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