How to close 3a life insurance opened via broker after few months

Hello guys,

I feel like i’m in a tough situation and need advice.

I entered switzerland few months ago, ang got contacted by a broker “mandated by the canton to help new arrivals.”
Not gonna lie I trusted it since I was new and how could it get my phone number and details ?

I openned a 3a Life Insurance through the broker, but I realized my mistake 2-3 months later, looking a bit around, I’ve seen that stopping to pay would just stop the 3a.
But broker contacted me back, mentioning if I was not paying the insurance company would sue me to debt collection office.
By short timing, and couldn’t find material until “deadline”, I paid and got warned that my 3a was back on track…

I realized I got fooled by this broker.

Now, I want to get rid of this broker and to cancel this 3a insurance life policy, I understood I will loose my money on it, but I’m fine with it.

But I’m a bit lost on how to proceed to cut from this broker, and how to cancel this 3a.
Which order ? I heard broker can ask for money, but that is not legit.

Thanks for your advice.

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