How to close 3a life insurance opened via broker after few months Swiss Pro Gestion / SafeTrust

Hello guys,

I feel like i’m in a tough situation and need advice.

I entered switzerland few months ago, ang got contacted by a broker “mandated by the canton to help new arrivals.”
Not gonna lie I trusted it since I was new and how could it get my phone number and details ?

I openned a 3a Life Insurance through the broker, but I realized my mistake 2-3 months later, looking a bit around, I’ve seen that stopping to pay would just stop the 3a.
But broker contacted me back, mentioning if I was not paying the insurance company would sue me to debt collection office.
By short timing, and couldn’t find material until “deadline”, I paid and got warned that my 3a was back on track…

I realized I got fooled by this broker.

Now, I want to get rid of this broker and to cancel this 3a insurance life policy, I understood I will loose my money on it, but I’m fine with it.

But I’m a bit lost on how to proceed to cut from this broker, and how to cancel this 3a.
Which order ? I heard broker can ask for money, but that is not legit.

Thanks for your advice.

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Yeah, I already warned FINMA on their portal.

How to cancel it should be in your contract. Contact the provider.

(I would also let the provider know that the broker is super shady and lied to you, they might waive fees)

Ok, Thank you !

I called and I can cancel the SwissLife 3a Insurance, money on it is loss ofc, but no extra fees.
I made the paper to send.

Now, it is about the broker…
What is the legal way to cancel the brokerage mandate that I had to sign at the beginning (a mandate that was never copied to me).
I cannot find an example of letter to send about the cancellation of an insurance brokerage mandate.

Thank you to anyone that can help !

You can ask them to disclose where they got your details from, according to the new data protection law. (I’d do it and include a sentence in your letter).

That sounds straight up criminal (Nötigung). If you have that in writing, I would report that to police (out of principle).

3a is legit - but think of it as a legal framework within which commercial providers are free to offer different products (with different fee/cost structure and, yes, brokerage/referral schemes).

Thank you for your feedback

I’d like… but it was only verbal through phone call.

Interesting, I was not aware of it. I’ll mention it as soon as I get a letter.

I’d probably kindly ask them, while mentioning that you’re in touch with FINMA? It’s likely to be enough.

Btw I’d edit the title to mention the name, it might be helpful for other folks who would search about it.

I see, hoping it’s is sufficient enough

The broker company you mean ?


Yes, the broker (I guess the people who tricked you).

why delete the post?

I suspect it may be someone connected to the broker but let people have a chance to ask the poster questions and for him/ her to respond

Full disclosure: I’ve flagged that post. I don’t know if the hiding process is automated or manual, it seems to just be hidden for now.

I personally struggle to envision people registering just to defend their broker in the way that poster did. If it comes from the company itself, the approach seems very dishonest to me and probably not a very good basis for a Q&A though it might be worth it to call it out publicly and see the potential replies.