How to claim Steuerguthaben?

Hello everyone,

I just filled my tax return for 2022 (via company) and I got Steuerberechnung 2022 from Kanton Zurich.
My German is limited but I assume Steuerguthaben is the amount of money I can claim.
But I am not sure how I can do it, cannot find this part online (most of the articles is just about filling the tax return).

Do I need to send any form explaining that I would like to claim this money? Or wait for some information from the Kanton/Tax/Municipality office?

If you send in the tax forms, and you get a notice that there is a Steuerguthaben, it will be paid to you (assuming your bank account is known).
When? Well

I have this every year, I just email them and say pay it into following bank account, and they always pay out in the next week / 2 weeks.

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Yeah, most I’ve seen is 6 weeks (4wks period for objection + add’l 2wks)

Have you received the provisional bill ‘Provisorische Rechnung’ or the final bill ‘Schlussrechnung’? If it’s the former, you have to wait for the latter, which can take a significant amount of time, depending on various factors. If you already have the latter, you should soon get your money in your bank account, as per the other replies. This should be mentioned below the amount as something like “Ihr Guthaben wird Ihnen innert 30 Tagen auf Ihr Konto ĂŒberwiesen”, followed by your IBAN.

In some cases, the tax authorities may also transfer your balance to the next tax year. However, it should be clearly mentioned if that happens and then you should also get a statement for the next tax year with the balance after the transfer.

Actually, this is what happens with me, they say they will transfer it to next year, but I send the email to say I want it now, and they always pay out.