How to check my portfolio’s performance

I use Interactive Brokers API/Export with , best software :wink:
You can view all your stock, trades (options,futures…), monthly dividends and a lot of other insightful information.

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Thanks mate for pointing it out!

To simplify the process, TWR should be used when there is an addition or reduction of fund in the portfolio during the holding period, in order word if you have 2 portfolios with the same size, then you withdraw fund from one and add to the other and invest in other stocks, the IRR might show the same return but TWR will not. Apart from simple returns figure, if you want to assess how your portfolio is doing relative to the market, and whether it captures excess return over risk-free assets, Sharp ratio and Information ratio should be used. Returns is just another number if you don’t have a benchmark to compare to.

Anyone being succesful in having a working IB flex query import at performance-portfolio?
While I manually added all my positions, I would like to keep track of the SLB income, dividends etc. That would be very cumbersome to add manually.

Worked flawlessly for me. I think there is a thread with a list of all you need to include. I was too lazy to read and just made a query with everything. Seemed to work fine.