How much of monthly salary into index funds/investments?

Just interested in hearing how much you all move over each month into investments. From what I’ve read on MMM this needs to be in the 50-65% range. It is quite nerve racking to not have a stash of CHF in the standard bank account… But I guess thats normal for newbies, small steps :slight_smile:

It took me three months to get used to that stress. Currently I stash and invest 50% of my salary, but old savings I still have in cash and I’ll invest them incrementally, month by month, untill I’ll reach desired proportions: 20% in safe assets (most of it cash, but also bonds ETF and gold) and 80% in international stocks ETF.

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Since it is almost exactly the half-year mark, it is a good time to have an intermediate check of my own numbers:
As a single in the City of Zurich, I live on monthly expenses of CHF 2’500, 3’400 if i count taxes & AHV as espenses. This results to som 45-55% savings rate, depending on the calculation basis. currently all my savings go to investmenst.

To me it feels close to the absolute minimum, but when I remember as a Studend 7 years back I had expenses forced down to €900/month… fixed costs like rent & health insurance amount to

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Thanks for the comment. Any recommendations on dealing with the stress? Or easing those around you? A common concern from ‘we might lose it all’ (e.g. a tanking pension fund tracking an index). I guess moving a 100% CHF cash savings account mindset to more of a bumpy rollercoaster ride is just something that will take time to get used to.

Amazing - thank you for sharing. Looking at my current situation, thats really a fantastic rate! You’ve likely posted in the past, but have you shared the specifics of your investment mix? Still working through the fourm so I’ll likely get there eventually, no problem if you don’t want to share.

hey zugzoo,
i just updated my story thread with my latest numbers here

and my current portfolio you can find here
although i will soon swich to something like mentioned in this post. mind the google sheet link :slight_smile:

Thanks! WIll take a look.

consider the Guidepost of the investment forum :)!

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