How much money you make on your blog

Affiliates don’t give percentage of invested amounts, maybe percentage of costs.
With 8000 views, I’d say he can get maybe around 300 sign ups? 10k/300 = 33eur per signup. That might be an amount he can get if he has an affiliate program for some kind of course/ebook stuff.

I think it’s fastinvest the thing he mention on his posts. Somewhere I’ve read the signup reward is 28euro , somewhere else (their site) that they pay you with their own points, that maybe our “hero” translate directly in euro just for statistics.

Also don’t trust those numbers. Some bloggers kind of lie. (check reddit for MMM. I’ve never doublechecked the claims since I don’t care much )

ps. blogging is hard.
pps. I don’t remember how much I made with my blog back in the day. I remember I once published some posts about a piano course I’ve tried that has also an affiliate program and someone bought it. I made 20 dollars (out of 120 total price)

Hi guys!

If you have questions, why not just ask me directly? I’m always willing to help you understand :slight_smile:

This is not true. In fact, this is how most of the blog income is earned. Most P2P platforms pay affiliates 1% of the invested amount for the first 30 days. Envestio pays 2.5% of the invested amount. Bondora pays 5% of the invested amount! (Luckily only a few people sign up at Bondora, because I really don’t recommend their services.)

As you can see, the deal is different from platform to platform. A verified account with min. 100€ deposited typically pays 5€. Some platforms don’t have affiliate deals at all.

FastInvest pays 10€ for a verified account. I’m not getting paid in good old EUR, no fancy points or crypto payouts for me.

You can absolutely trust my numbers down to the last penny. I’m as transparant as can be.

I don’t include blog income in my net income because they payout is before taxes. My job income is after taxes. Mixing those numbers up would be inaccurate. My accountant and I are working on creating a company for my blogging and investing business. This way I’ll be able to pay less taxes, because the money is kept within the company. It’s still unsure what the final tax percentage will be.

I put 7.000€ as my “comfortable passive income” because it’s close to the amount my day job pays me before taxes. So it would put me at status quo, which I find comfortable.

Very close. One guy invested 92K€ on 1 platform alone. I don’t know who has that kind of money to invest in one larget chunk, but it happened nevertheless.

I’m doing highly targeted marketing towards investors. So most of my readers have money to invest when they come to my blog. As you can see, I spent 39,93€ on Google Ads and 544,17€ on Facebook Ads in September.

If you have more questions, don’t be shy to ask here or on my blog.

Best regards,


Ah, the World we live in :smiley: . I so did not expect this. Why did a Danish blogger create an account on a Swiss forum, anyway?

If I may ask: I didn’t really get a chance to read into your blog, but I noticed that you have a full disclosure policy: we know your name, your photo, your income. Aren’t you afraid that by broadcasting all that information you might attract some criminals/hackers?

It would be a pitty to not answer your questions, don’t you think? I had to create an account to get back to you :slight_smile:

My best friend lives in Switzerland as well.

I’m already familiar with the Mustachianpost, as I’m listed in the #BSRI:

I’m not afraid of being targeted, there are millions of people more interesting than me.

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Hi there. thanks for stopping by.
I’m sure you didn’t get offended by my remarks, probably because you know that it’s unfortunately true that many do lie.
Happy to know that your numbers are real.

About your affiliates: Ok, interesting. It’s probably valid for affiliate programs with possible recurring investments/payments that could do that kind of offer. I honestly would feel a bit weird to know that 1% of what I invest is used to pay affiliates. But we know people pay more with some funds with high TER…

Can I ask one question since you are here? How’s the conversion rate? 5%- 10% of your visitors?

You remind me the good old days when I was playing around with my blogs…I feel old now :slight_smile:
I have to admit I’m tempted to go back to it but I still have my other projects so maybe it’s better to just resist :slight_smile:

I don’t get offended easily :slight_smile: You’re absolutely right, it’s hard to know who you can trust on the internet. That’s part of the reason why I started the blog in the first place. I felt like the world needed some more transparant money-talk.

I’m not sure about the conversion rate. I had about 8000 visitors last month and 225 new leads. But some of those 8.000 have been following for a while and are not new visitors. A rought estimate would be around 3 - 3,5%?

It does take a lot of time to run a blog. If it’s your passion and a hobby it’s very enjoyable though! I love the interaction with like-minded people.

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So, 10k came from selling suboptimal investments to suckers, got it

You should be a banker :slight_smile:


Please, don’t be rude with this person, nor with his readers. He came here giving explanations in a very open way.


He stated facts. It’s not rude, it’s just true.

True is that it is questionable to mustachian minded people to make money by making blog readers invest with or recommending suboptimal choices. Clearly, i don’t like it and i think i wouldn’t do that.

True is also that naming those blog readers “suckers”, and putting it down in this context with such an offensive phrase, is the definition of rude. @hedgehog is well known on this forum for such language. in terms of forum netiquette this ought be discouraged. And I mean the language, not the underlying content.


@nugget thank you this is how I felt.

Concerning the underlying content, it has not been proven so far that these investments were suboptimal. As a matter of fact, the blogger is carrying out an experiment to determine whether they are, or not, good investments. If people are convinced by the data provided so far, well, why not take advantage of an affiliate bonus benefitial to both parties ?

Jørgen writes:
“If you’re not investing on Envestio yet you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Where else do you get 17-22% interest rate and buyback guarantee?”

I encourage everyone to have a look at Envestio and evaluate the deals. They actually look reasonable, but if they are, why wouldn’t they get financing through a normal bank at a fraction of the cost? This is Eurozone, credit is cheap and easy to get. There’s certainly a load of things we aren’t being told. I hope Jørgen gets financially free before this all goes bust. It may still run fine for a couple of years, but who knows.

I appreciate comments such as the one from @hedgehog. People don’t even look at soft disclaimers. He may be rough, but the world is not exactly Disneyland. A lot of people will lose money on these schemes.


Not sure yet what it exactly implies, but it appears that they provide bridge loans. They are characterized by their short duration and their high interest rates. They seem to be a usual tool for companies.

Anytime someone guarantees you a 15%+ per year, you really have to dig deeply to know in which kind of stuff you are stepping. (Madoff was guarantying his clients 18-20% per year as well).

  • Those deals are presented without telling you what is the financial health of the company borrowing the money
  • there is no mention of leverage, but knowing this is a fixed income “investment”, i’d dig deeper to find out if there is any leverage implied given the high yield
  • Given the super low rates currently (junk bond companies have much lower yields) why would any company borrow at such a high rate?
  • I guess the platform has to make money too, which means that the borrowing company is paying even more money to reimburse its borrowings

To be frank, unless I see the financials, this smells very bad…


Jørgen has posted a December update.

In a shocking (at least to me…) development, the affilate links generated 19 240 EUR of profits in December alone. This is nuts.
Why don’t I have a blog?

Also, I really can’t believe why are people investing in some of these platforms. This stinks.


I can’t really grasp what he gets the money for. He brings customers to these investing platforms through affiliation programs? How much do they pay him? 1% of new assets brought in by his readers? Then it would mean his readers invested 2 million euros in December. Feels like either these investing platforms are generous to him, or his readers are crazy about investing into some things I never heard of.


Jørgen replied to this question in the comments section:

“Affiliate links generate from 0.5% to 5% depending on the platform. Some only pay for the first deposit and some pay for all investments made over several months. I estimate that my readers have invested around 1 million EUR in December.”


I did some research on most of these platforms and here are my comments.
Edit: The loans are all with the platform owner. Negative returns realized by Jørgen suggest there is no buyback of defaulted loans.

Cracks already showing. Some projects significantly delayed, therefore promised returns will not be realized in full. At least one developer already bankrupt (see their Marketplace)

Very few projects, means high exposure to individual loans. Risky.

20%+ returns is just fishy. Most projects are “Tiers” of existing loans. This leads me to believe they are just refinancing the previous loans for as long as they can get away with it. Many previous projects were crypto mining farms based on GPUs. To anybody in the know it is clear that GPU mining is not profitable at current prices. No chance this will get repaid.

Only two, unspecified, loan originators. Too little transparency, too little diversification. No go.

As I write this, only 16 loans available with 3 originators. Too little diversification.

230’000 available loans with 50+ originators, good transparency.

Looks like all loans are with the platform owner (Zaymer=Robocash). No diversification.

All loans owned by one financial entity. No diversification.

One of the oldest platforms (2009). Apparently reliable, offers buyback guarantee. I can’t find any info about loan originators or the loans available (lack of transparency).

Out of all these platforms, I only found Mintos suitable to trust with some play money. I’ve been with them for 4 months and it’s been going fine (support, withdrawals etc.), but the real return is closer to 11.5%. Here’s my referall link if anybody is interested: . Let’s see if I can get my 19000+ EUR in referrals!!! :slight_smile:


“Mintos - invest in loans”

So they are a broker between loan takers and lenders? And these loans go for 14% p.a.? Who wants a loan for 14%


Lots of people, apparently. Most of these short term (so called pay-day) loans are effectively 100 to 300%+ annualised to loan takers. I’m sure you’ll recognize some of the loan originators from Poland if you look at Mintos. All the safer styles available (Business, Mortgage, Car are actually well below 10% return).

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