How do you claim 3a pillar tax deductions if you don't do annual tax declarations?

If you have a B permit and earn less than 120k, you are taxed at source and don’t have to do annual tax declarations, correct?

But what if you start saving in a 3a pillar? Do you then have to file tax declarations each year to be able to enjoy 3a pillar tax deductions?

I kind of like not having a hassle of doing tax declarations but wonder if this will end once I start saving in a 3a pillar and will have to do annual tax declarations from then onwards?

I believe this is (was) the last year when you can use the “simplified” form.
From next year you will need to make a full tax return process if you wish to claim even just the 3rd pillar contributions (and potentially incur higher taxation rate than the withholding one, depending on your circumstances).

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