How do I actually claim my 3a tax back?

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Total newbie to this but I searched the internet and the forum and I couldn’t find a step by step guide on how to claim my 3a taxes back. My situation: based in ZH, taxed at source, started a 3a with finpension in 2020, I’ve never filed a tax return before.

I got the document from finpension confirming the deposit. Where do I find the tax return form for Zurich? Where do I send it? How/when do I get the money back? Do I fill in an IBAN?

Thanks a lot in advance!

I believe from this year it’s a full tax return form if you want to claim 3a back, even if you are on QS/<120k.

Google: zh tax
First result: Steuererklärung natürliche Personen | Kanton Zürich

Edit: My mistake, seems that holds from next year onwards (thanks PR).
Under this section Korrekturen you have your application form.

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Actually it seems that for the period 2020 it’s still the old way. The new way starts from the period 2021.


I have a related question on the pillar 3a: if you moved cantons during the year do you have to fill in this form for each canton separately? Or can you just comment in the form (for your current canton of residence) that you moved during the year?

I sent an email to finpension asking the same question. Thankfully they replied pretty fast and clear:

You have to check this webpage. Unfortunately it is just in German:

Neuveranlagung der Quellensteuer beantragen | Kanton Zürich

Here you find the application form:

*image003 *

Please consider this: “Please send the documents to the following address. We recommend that you send the application by registered mail: … ”

That’s a good idea. We will add an entry into our FAQ for this.

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