Home ownership- What is deductible?

Dear Mustachians

I know the interest payments and any upkeep & maintenance costs can be reduced from your taxes. How about notary fees? or if you build an extra room in the attic would it be tax deductible too? Is there a guide on what can be deductible? Is there an opportunity to rebalance yearly taxes with work at your home?

I want to assess cost of ownership vs rent, I know one-off expenses and unseen costs have a significant impact that is often neglected, but not sure how to estimate if there is a consequence tax help or not?

Thanks for any help!

No, that would be a value-increasing change. You can use it against the tax on the gain you’d make if and when you sell though.

This gives a detailed list for Zürich. It’s in German.

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Tax office differentiate between “werterhaltend” and “wertvermehrend” types of costs, you can find plenty of articles online

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But, to make things more complicated if you at the same time isolate part of the attic while building the room, that part can be deducted.

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That’s why I always just send everything and let them figure out. I was happy to find out that all my receipts from bau and hobby for building materials were accepted.

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