Holdings in Spanish bank

Hello folks,

I want to invest around 50k in a mutual fund which is only available through a bank in Spain.

They accept Spanish citizens as clients even if living abroad.

I am wondering if I would have to do taxes in Spain because of this, or I can declare only in Switzerland.

If you don’t know but you can point me to a reliable tax advisor or somewhere else I can verify this, I would be very thankful.


Hi Lumo,

I do have some hedge funds domiciled in Spain, I already sold some of them and in order to not be taxed on capital gains I provided them a document where it proofs my Swiss resident fiscal status (you can request it in your Canton)

If I were you I would ask the bank in advance, but it should not be any inconvenient.

Wealth and income should be declared and taxed just in Switzerland.

Hope it helps.

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