Help finding a new bicycle?

Hi everyone

I’m thinking about getting a new bike since my current one is very heavy, foldable (!) and not suitable for where I live (hills) nor the kids seat (I hit my heels when peddling…).

I have no idea where to start, where to look etc. and what brand (if any) or keywords I should be looking into. We live in kanton Bern. Would be good for this? or a “velo börse”? I would prefer to try it out before buying but its not very practical nor economical to travel by train for 1-2 hours just to try one bike out (having little kids)…

My wishlist looks like this:

  • not too heavy as I need to carry it up some stairs
  • female model
  • 3 gears maximum
  • compatible with a kids seat in the back and/or the bike trailer
  • max 200 CHF?

I have bad experience from mountain bikes from my childhood since they were always very heavy and gears failing. Maybe bike technology have evolved since then?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Hey Mrs Oberland,
the first thing is get an idea what you want / need, and obviously you got this already!
I would recommend you to go to a Velobörse. usually you hand in you ID as deposit and then you can try any of the velos.

Just go there very early when they open - the good deals are gone quickly.

the good thing is you can browse lots of bikes - and try out those that you like.

Maybe bike technology have evolved since then?

Oh yes :slight_smile: but with 3 gears (narbenschaltung) you should have no problems at all.

my dream bike would be (with dream very pronounced…)
-classic steel race bike frame for fast travel & robustness
-Pinion 18 Gear Box for minimal maintainence :heart_eyes: $$
-Belt-driven for even less maintenance
-Fenders for all-weather usability
-Reelight lighs or something similar, reliable & no maintenance
-luggage carrier & Basket or side packs for usability (groceries…)
-Durano plus tires for maximum durability and minimal broken tubes
-cheap enough so a loss to theft at Zurich station would not be of apocalyptic dimension

these things are pretty much mutual exclusive… :weary:

Personally I’ve had much more success with sites like or than with a velo börse. I’ve purchased a top of the line Scott P1 from 2011 last year for 400.- in good shape, and after visiting a velo börse, I noticed that bikes which were not as good were selling for twice as much(!), so I get the feeling that there are better deals to be had by spotting them online (by setting an alarm on a specific model you’re interested in so that you’re automatically notified). On the other hand, if you don’t have the mobility to quickly act on an interesting deal, or if you can’t afford to wait for 2-3 months for the right deal, then a velo börse might be the best way.


thanks @nugget and @pombeirp !
Great link to the velobörse and I started looking at so I think I’ll find something in the coming months :smile: