Health insurance just for Gym Membership

Anyone ever saw a comprehensive list of Health Insurance costs just for Gym Membership?
I was thinking to create a list. It doesn’t matter which Canton/City/Age take for the list, since it’s just for comparison.

For example, I can take Man,Zurich, 8001 , 1988 (let’s round it up) and compare them.

Basefit for example show a list of Zusatzversicheruengen that cover Gym Memberships here:

If we take Basefit as example, the price is 400chf/year (for 2 year membership)

Atupri: Mivita reala 23.90 chf/month, 50% covered, max 200 (for our example: 200chf paid)
extensa: 35.30 chf/month, 50% covered, max 300 ( 200chf paid )
Atupri: Reala (can’t find it)
SWICA: Completa Top + Praeventa (has to be taken together): 35.30 CHF, max 500 CHF covered.

Anyone want to give me a hand?

I don’t think you will find a health insurance supplement plan that is cheaper than contribution to gym membership alone.

Of course not. I’m more interested in minimizing the difference.

Just take a better gym than Basefit and there comes your diff minimization. :wink:

To contribute with data:
SWICA: Completa Top + Praeventa (has to be taken together): 35.30 CHF, max 500 CHF covered.
So, technically, you could be paying 423.60 CHF for the package, yet get 500 reimbursed for a 1000 CHF gym.
Profit! :smiley:

Note: these cover more than just the gym, namely:

  • Supplement to the basic insurance for treatment abroad, complementary medicine and
    medication. Contributions towards the cost of glasses, contact lenses, aids, dental treatment, spa treatments and home helps.
  • Insurance benefits for medical check-ups, vaccinations and preventive health measures as per separate list.

Yes, all of them cover way more than just that. It’s just a thought experiment. I wanted to find an excuse to go to a gym ahahah

CSS - Health Account economy supplement (4,5 CHF/month entitles you to get 150 CHF/year gym membership reimbursement and not only that).

You need a CSS insurance, which probably is more expensive than others.

It was almost the cheapest option for me according to, basic insurance costs me 180 CHF/month, with some extra plans 200 CHF/month.

cheeeap :frowning:
Here the minimum is 260. I live near chronically ill people. Or hypochondriacs :frowning:


Same here…
Premiums 2019 went up about 10% -> 270 CHF/mo with 2’500 deductible…:weary: