HdLR Family: FI by 2019 Frugality while using capitalism to buy our freedom :)

Hi Mustachians,

This is Erik (Mr.HdLR) from Hippies de Land Rover. A LAM family living in Switzerland. We’re a frugal family enjoying real things in life while hacking our way to FI by 2019.

We do blog at Hippies de Land Rover but mainly in Spanish. We do show that as a family we can achieve FI while raising 2 kids in Switzerland. (our 2016 savings rate was 65%)

I’ll try to start our English version site to provide our financial strategy and savings/expenses tracking in English.
I’ll keep you posted


Welcome Erik!

I am looking forward to reading your financial adventures. Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish, but if you translate your numerous articles in English, it would be very interesting! Especially how to integrate your kids in your financial framework, as I will have kids soon!

Hey Eric!
of course we are curious on how you do FI with 2 kids in switzerland!
maybe I can get you to put down some numbers? maybe like this :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to reading more from you!

There’s an interview with Erik:
https://financial-independence.eu/podcast/episode-11-the-latin-american-perspective-of-financial-independence/ :smiley:


:sunglasses: That was fun! thanks for sharing @1000000CHF

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