Has anyone tried the new VaudTax web interface?

Hello everyone,

Taxe deadline is coming soon in Vaud, and as I have to start doing it I was wondering if anyone has tried the “new” VaudTax web interface here.

Well, it’s not exactly new, I think it missed some sections last year but it feels like they now seem to pretend it can (and maybe will?) replace completely the usual software.
So, because I have the feeling they will want to get rid of the software anyway in the future, I figured out it would be better to get started using the web interface already. But I already have two problems…

  1. So, as I have some VT etfs as suggested on the blogposts, my assumption is that I would have to fill the “fonds de placement” section. Is that correct? This is different from the section “Formule Complémentaire R-US 164 et DA-1” in the VaudTax software…

  2. Well, what about the DA-1? Is it going to be filled automatically as it did with the VaudTax software?

  3. In any case, would you recommend me not to use it? Are you considering using it or not at all?

Thank you in advance!

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I used it to fill my taxes and the DA-1 part is more or less automatic when you fill in the withholding tax.

Be careful, you have to save your progress in an external file. I assumed it would save automatically the first time I filled some stuff and then had to start all over again.


From what I’ve seen, it is unfortunately not possible to import previous declaration from VaudTax app…which sucks and I guess because of that I will stick to VaudTax software as long as I can.

I’m still using their software, but I supposed that the different section are the same now ?

For IBKR, check this thread: How to disclose stocks positions to tax authorities - Taxes - Mustachian Post Community

I’ll use this “technique” this year and will see if it work (it should). It’s easier to set up your declaration if you have more than just VT as an investment product.

Intersting… For me I also have this kind of problem with VaudTax software: I have to have all the former versions installed to be able to open old ones (or maybe I missed something, that’s another possibility)

Anyway, I think an important point with the web app also is that it generates an XML file which is always human-readable if needed in the future, while I am not sure what can be done about these .tax files from the software when it will get deprecated.

Already made the same mistake :slight_smile: Alright, then I shouldn’t be scared about this DA-1 I guess…

Same for me. I hope that, before the web version becomes mandatory, they’ll implement an import of files saved with the app.

That’s really a game-changer if it works! Is that really a “compliant” way of filling it? (Because I mean, in that case they can’t even evaluate the 5 criteria from here: Swiss capital gains tax - Mustachian Post (aka Marc Pittet) #FIRE #frugalism )

Why wouldn’t they be able to evaluate the criteria ?

I will attached my tax report from IBKR where there is all the information they need to have to do my taxation (US withdrawal), number of shares, dividends, etc.

At least it works for Sjess :wink:

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Hypothetically, If I was using Interactive Brokers and bought 1 share of VT on 01.01.2021, may I ask what is supposed to be filled in in “Montant de l’impôt étranger en CHF” and “Montant de la retenue supplémentaire USA en CHF” ?

I think I may have been wrong and have to fill in this instead:

This is only for Swiss brokers, search for “zusätzlicher Steuerrückbehalt USA” in forum.

And you need the last item from taxation types. So the first image is correct.

And it should be fonds, not actions.

Retenue supplementaire USA: Non.

Ok thanks for your inputs! so I switched to “Fonds” and not “actions” then there doesn’t seem to be this additional section “retenue supplémentaire USA”.

However, say it is filled it in the following way (assuming it is correct that interactive brokers’ “withhold taxes in chf” are filled in “montant de l’impôt étranger en chf”)

then after clicking on “calculer les impôts”, everything here seems to be set at 0. Is it expected?

Did you fill your income? It could be because you don’t get any return if your marginal tax rate below the withholding tax of 15%.

Ok so I played around here is what happens:

  1. If I have less than 100chf “retenue d’impôt à la source”

    Then I get

  2. I I have more than 100chf “retenue d’impôt à la source”

    then it seems to not be 0 everywhere:

Any reasonable explanation? Could it be that there is a minimum threshold of 100chf?

Oh yes, there is :grin::sob:

So yes, I found it is clearly written there…
“[…] lorsque les impôts étrangers non récupérables n’excèdent pas un montant dit insignifiant de 100 francs.”

Anyway, thank you very much @Dr.PI for letting me know about the correct way to fill everything :wink: