Hard day at work - dreaming about FI?

Is it just me or do you guys also dream of FI a lot more when things are frustrating at work?

I actually started to take extra frugal actions or cutting spending every time I get frustrated with my boss. As an outlet to channel it into something positive :slight_smile: (Since my earning is already optimized for now.)

Curious about your thoughts!


Oh yes definitely.
My “problem” is my earning would most probably fall if I change jobs, thereby postponing FIRE, so during especially frustrating and/or boring times it’s quite a conundrum.

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Of course!

What do you do to achieve that?

Different things. I filter my yearly expenses by the amount and look at the top 5 expenses. Then I see where I can cut or reduce expenses. Like looking over the health insurance, calling and negotiating or switching providers. Look into techniques to reduce groceries, other shops, meal planning, meal prep, new recipes etc. Looking for second hand items if I need to buy something. Fixing things & diy. Making my own gifts etc. Envelope system and 0 dollar budgetting. the list is endless. There are many good videos on youtube for inspiration.

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