Halcyon - 6% yield in EUR

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I would keep my fingers from it.

First of all, plenty of examples, where this kind of deals were complete horseshit. BTW, they say fixed income, not guaranteed income, and only 150% resale option, whatever that means exactly (read the fineprint.

Basically you become coowner with no influence on management, all capital risks involved, and the figures they tell you are probably some superoptimistic projection (otherwise they could get capital for cheaper).

Why not invest instead in AT&T with 6% yield?

If I were a hotel management company, my smallest acceptable margin would be about 25% (rather 40%+), so giving 6% of this to the capital owners are not a majorly bad deal.

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or SwissRe with 8.1% :slight_smile: (with a 341% payout ratio :crazy_face:)

but again, RE risk levels are not the same as equity risk levels.

The website already looks like those spam websites from 10 years ago…

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Euro zone inflation is 8.9%. I refuse to lend my money if I do not get 11%. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yet, the ECB rate is still close to zero.

It’s not a spam, both developer and the hotel chain company is very real.

I’m just super cautious 'cause it looks too good to be true.