Had anyone experience with ELVIA e-invest?

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself first, I am 24 years old soon to be 25 graduate working in the IT field moved here from Slovakia. As I will be turning 25 my Cantonal Bank will start charging my 2 CHF per month I was looking for another option and I came across Neon. (I am using bank only to receive a salary, afterwards, I transfer money for monthly expenses to Revolut

There was a link for 250 CHF bonus if I start investing into ETF via https://invest.elvia.ch/en

Does anyone have experience with it? https://www.e-invest.ch/en/the-costs-of-your-wealth-management-solution/ the cost should be 0,55% per year if I understand it right.

So far I have invested only in 3a via VIAC and have some minor Cryptocurrency investment.

I wanted to build a reserve of like 3-6 months of expenses and then starting investing into ETF but I still undecided how and via which broker/service.

What would you recommend for me? (I do not like IB interface etc. , was thinking about degiro or waiting till Revolut launch its trading platform)

Thanks a lot

If you are investing less than 6826 (3a limit) a year, I would continue with VIAC.

in that ballpark there’s lots of other solution (e.g. TrueWealth, but I’m sure plenty of others).

I’d assume that for something as important as an investment platform, it would be beneficial to go beyond the superficial look of a broker :wink:

Maybe decide what’s important for you (nice looking, low fee, availability of low cost ETFs, etc.).

I definitely plan to continue with VIAC. I am still used to frugal lifestyle from my college years in eastern europe so I am saving a lot of money that is the reason I am looking more into how to make them working for me.

Well from what I have read IB are the best broker if you have more than 100k USD to invest. Right now I am still kinda broke so I am really not sure what will be the solution for me.

From what I have read, mustachian should stay away from services like TrueWealth, SimpleWealth e-invest etc.

How complicated is it to switch broker as soon as I get over 100k USD?

Usually not so complicated if you keep your portfolio simple (few positions).
Either transfer them or sell and rebuy (choice depends on broker’s costs)

It’s also mostly the best if you are under that amount as well…
Depends really on your trading frequency (all trading fees count towards the 10USD/month) and other factors.

What is your current net worth? How much would you like to invest each year/month?
If you are investing less than 6826, use VIAC.

The limit for people with Pensionskasse is 6826.- (in 2019).

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I have currently saved ± 20k CHF sitting on my bank account + 1500 CHF for this year in 3a viac, some crypto (not worth more than 2k CHF currently),

I think I won’t be able to avoid IB in the end if I want lowest possible costs.

How much do you plan to invest each year? You can start to move the 20k from your bank account to Viac

I think that with current salary and spending I should be able to save like 40k CHF year.

Btw you can use the user portal page to trade. It’s much nicer and faster.

No problem, mate, any big bank will be more than happy to take care of all those silly user interfaces for you in exchange for a tiny commission of just 1-2% per year, you step right in to any bank branch next to you

Or get the fuck over it, IB is as cheap as it gets and still quite a quality broker for this money. Double so if you’re in IT, they’re one of the few with a half decent API on the market. Most of smaller hedge funds are with them and for a good reason.

My point was that IB actually does have a nice user interface, you just have to find it. They even have a modern app where you can trade.

To be fair, if the other alternative he or she mentioned is DeGiro, they aren’t that much more expensive.