GVA Meetup in February 2020 (Doodle to fill)

Hey all, how about meeting in the Geneva area in Feb ? I’ve put a few dates in the doodle for Thursdays or Fridays afterwork (#Jeudreudi), or Saturday and Sunday anytime. Can you please also comment where would be a good place for you to meet ? Looking forward to meeting you all !

Good initiative! I hope to be able to join.

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Great idea! Anywhere in the centre of Geneva should work. some suggestions could be any of the bars Rue Henri-Blanvalet (Atelier Cocktail Club, Bottle Brothers, Yvette de Marseille) or Boulevard Georges-Favon (Apothicaire Cocktail Club, Ta Cave, Boulevard du Vin). Other suggestions are Soleil Rouge, Halles de l’Île or Bateau Lavoir.

If a french speaker is welcome, I ll join. Not sure my English will be good enough to talk about ETFs or subjects with specific terminology.

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Of course you’re welcome ! Tu pourras au moins parler français avec moi :slight_smile:

Sympa la proposition ! Not a big specialist about financial market and stuff but would be happy to learn more… Or talk about anything else.
Je garde un œil sur les dates, voir si j’arrive à m’organiser comme je viens de Lausanne…

Great ! :ok_hand: Thus, I ll try to come according to the choosen date :wink: On Thursdays, I am pretty sure. During the week-ends it is another question

Hi all,

little update: so far, we’ve already had 10 respondents to the poll. I suggest we wait until Jan 15th to confirm the final date.

If there are no major changes, it seems our meeting will take the form of a Thursday afterwork drink, and will either be on Feb 27th (8 votes) or Feb 6th (7 votes).

Looking forward !

Interested, I’ll join if I can on the date you choose :slight_smile:

Hey Polo ! I’m a mustachian newbie and also come from the périphérie de Lausanne.
So if you wanna share the ride lemme know.

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I am totally in…I filed in my Doodle…

Hey cool ! Thanks for that. Will let you know if I can attend on the choosen date and then we can see for the timing :slight_smile: will write you an pm

Hello all,

After 12 votes (out of 18) for this option, I closed the Doodle, and I have the pleasure to invite you all to our Geneva afterwork on February 27th.

You can mark your agendas with this placeholder invite until we decide where to meet… I might be able to find a very mustachian deal in La Praille (Tram 15) :thinking:, I keep you posted

Very happy this is happening !

Great !! Using your URL -> I got “Could not find the requested event”

If I may ask the time, I could enter it manually :ok_hand:

Ah shoot ! Sorry, I tried something new but it didn’t work as well as I hoped :sweat_smile:

Maybe we meet at 6.30pm ? @Kova suggested great places in Geneva:

Would you be ok with the Halles de l’Île ? https://goo.gl/maps/bseujK1t7D8okEwV6

Everthing is fine for me.

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