Guidance needed to reach FI

Hi everyone,
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I have started reading about finances a few months ago and I am starting to think about my future strategy.
I am 27, working in Geneva and am able to save 3,000CHF per month.
My financial objective is to be financially independent and not worry about money. Retiring early is not an objective at that point as I like my job.

For now, I do not have anything in place. I have saved 60K on my bank account, and nothing is invested for now.
I want to create a logical strategy that would make the most out of my money and make sure that my portfolio is diversified to mitigate the risk.

Based on my readings and researches, I have several ideas in mind:

  • Stocks: invest in ETFs (with InteractiveBrokers which seems to have the lowest fees)

  • 3rd pillar: open a 3rd pillar account on VIAC (which also seems to be one of the best online options) and invest as much as possible

  • Real Estate: I currently rent my place in Geneva and do not have any plans of buying a house/apartment in the next few years. I was more thinking about rental investment in France as I am french. But I am not sure if I am up for this journey as it means quite a lot of time investment and understanding of the real estate market. Alternatively, I know that in France it is possible to invest in real estate (business buildings, parking lots, etc) and receive dividends every quarter with low time effort. They call it SCPI (I do not know if there is any equivalent in Switzerland or in other markets). I consider this solution as it looks simple, but I know that one earns less with this type of investment (vs. rental investment) as there are a lot of intermediary fees.
    What is the community usually doing in terms of real estate in Switzerland and/or France?

As you can read, I am still at the beginning of my financial journey but I have the motivation to learn and build the best strategy suited to my situation.
According to you, what should be my priorities in terms of investment to avoid having 60K+ sleeping on a bank account? Every month this number is growing and I feel a bit lost with all the available options out there.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for your help :smile:

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The priority should be to start investing.