Good time to buy extra stocks?


Markets are down everywhere. I am considering doing some extra stock shopping (sp500 and or emergig markets) with some of the cash I was keeping waiting for the right real estate to show up. What would you do/are you doing? Sure, nobody knows whether it’ll keep going down or not, but I’d still be interested in your opinion, if any.


It’s definitely a better time than when I last bought some a week ago. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


if you are still waiting for the right real estate to pop up, then stocks is not where you want to put the money. A serious correction would just blow your plan. just keep the cash and look for the best savings account (check moneyland, the best i found was 0.6% interest)

If you abandoned your plan for real estate, your IPS will tell you where to put it, regardless of current market situations


You’re asking if tomorrow prices are gonna be lower than today. Who knows? You’re looking here for someone who has a better bet than the whole market.


I bought my ETF on September 26 : 300 VT at 76.679
a few days later it dropped down to 71.
if only I knew, I would have waited a few days to buy but, nobody can time the market :frowning: