GoMo vs Digital Republic vs ... For home internet+TV and mobile

Hello guys,
Is any one here having experience with GoMo or Digital Republic?
I am interested in understanding about cost, coverage, conditions, hidden conditions, …

Just for sake of reference, I am today customer of MBudget mobile (Swisscom net) with flat rate (internet+calls) in Ch, to Europe, same GB when in Europe and, taking into account the family package all with MBudget I am now paying 30 CHF/month per each kibik abonment.

Totally, I have with MBudget internet+TV at home and 2 mobile Abo (as above described) and totally I am paying them (in the order just mentioned) 50+40+20= 110 CHF/month

It is quite a lot of money and I am very interested in finding a better deal with this new providers, yet not compromising (at least not too much) the quality of the service

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