Geneva Tax deductions: Health insurance, remote work

Good evening!

I will soon have to submit the ordinary declaration in Geneva. Maybe you can offer me some help :relaxed:

Federal tax being relatively low, I will focus here on ICC deductions.

A treacherous word was added to the remote work definition. It’s not on GeTax guide, but in the e-mail they sent afterwards.

Sous l’angle fiscal, le télétravail se définit comme l’occupation durable
d’une pièce uniquement dédiée à l’activité professionnelle.

It’s a bit annoying, when you see that Kanton Bern gives many details on how to deduct such expenses.

  • Transportation and lunch
    Fine, let’s suppose that we can’t claim remote work expenses. Let’s claim transport and lunch then.

But I live less than 30mn from my office. Does that mean that I’d be better off if I stick to the standard deduction of 3% and 1697 francs maximum?

Les frais de repas (15.- par jour, max. 3’200.- par an) ne sont admis que
si, pour le contribuable salarié, l’utilisation des transports publics pour
se rendre de son domicile à son lieu de travail et en revenir aboutit à
une durée excédant deux heures par jour.

Thanks for your help :kissing_closed_eyes: :hugs:

If you’re not taxed at source you can completely disregard the taxation at source document, in this case simply declare the actual expenses as pointed out in the tax guide you linked.

2*30 minutes is less than 2 hours so I think it’s clear you can’t deduct the lunch expenses.

This depends on the canton, from what I see on page 16 of your tax guide there’s no mention of a flat rate deduction whatsoever so you should just declare the actual fees they list as admissible.

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