GE office only considered 50% of 3rd pillar invested

Hi mustachians,

I would like to get someone’s perspective on my 2021 tax deductions, specifically on the 3rd pillar.
I live in Geneva and I received the outcome of my 2021 tax papers.

I’ve declared my 3rd pillar contributions (total amount of 6883 CHF, for 2021). But the tax office only admitted 50% of it (3442 CHF).

In 2021 I’ve invested my 3rd pillar 50% with VIAC and 50% with Finpension - and I attached both declarations to my tax papers.

What’s your opinion here? Is there any particular reason for them only to consider 50%?
Or does this sound like a mistake on their side?


I am pretty sure it’s a mistake and I don’t understand how they can’t recognize a contribution to a 3a foundation UNLESS you have screwed up with transfer dates and the money transfered were booked for the next year already. Don’t think it’s the case.

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Just got off the phone with them.

Justification “Oh, we saw two equal amounts and we thought it was a duplication of the same document.” … C’mon :rofl: :rofl:

Honestly, I don’t know why we go for “all web” tax declarations when then people on the dark side are manually checking the justifications and making errors like this one.


The magic of public digitalization !

I’m guessing they get a lot of people double-entering certain figures, so it’s an understandable mistake. Did you submit the annual statements from both pillar 3a accounts with your tax return? If you did, that would definitely hint at clumsiness on the clerk’s part.

Here in Zurich, the tax office hires students on an hourly basis during the most hectic parts of the tax season, so the people who process tax returns are not all professionals. Maybe that’s why my tax returns always get passed on to the cantonal office for auditing.

Probably your online declaration, after internally at the tax office being printed, commented by hand-writing, stamped, scanned, printed again and then faxed to another deparments was not completely readable anymore.

I have heard in the past that anyone with DA-1 would not be processed by the city tax office, but forwarded to the kantonal office. Not 100% sure though.