GameStop short squeeze

And then people are going to come and lecture us that markets are efficient…


In 20 minutes it went up further. Finally the short squeeze is coming for MPW bears?

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But the markets are efficient!
Look at all those math equations they wrote down for this!!* And they’re not even mathematicians!
And hey, a Nobel prize was awarded for the social studies on this topic.

Ok, ok, I’ll see myself out.

* Ok, it’s stochastics 101, but still, they use many symbols … and probabilities!**

** Based on … ah, well, … yeah, sparse historic market price data from back in the days. Still …

And Paul Samuelson, one of the Nobel-winning fathers of the EMH and fervent proselytizer of the theory (with Eugene Fama), even got veeeeery rich from his investments!

Except his wealth came from his investment in … Berkshire Hathaway, which he bought in the early 70s at a price as low as $44/share…

So much for his theory, it looks like in private the guy was pretty much convinced that you can discern investing talent in advance and thus beat the market :slight_smile:

Yet another “do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do”


This tweet caused GME short sellers to lose $1bn in minutes:

Crazy. Those who noticed DFV was active on X and bet on him tweeting and sending GME upwards (like this guy) were handsomely rewarded!


Sold mine yesterday, moved on, don’t care anymore about GME :joy: